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The perfect place to discover Burgundy

50 kms away from Beaune, 45 kms from the Wine Map, 30 kms from the TGV train station – A pleasant and relaxing break on the road to Lyon, Vichy or Dijon…

A well-located Hotel
In Autun’s town centre

You can discover the Gallo Romain heritage of the town: the roman theatre, Gates of Arroux and Saint André, the Temple of Janus and its museum

Open 7 days a week

Fine Traditional cooking and local specialties (meat or fish). Our restaurant can welcome up to 120 guests

Meeting room
For 50 to 100 attendees

We are equipped of two climatized room one who has a 50-places capacity and the other one can welcome up to 100 attendees.

Groupe Menu
15-30 €

For your group diner please ask us directly to compose a menu from 15 to 30 €. Drink package

Parking Lot nearby
Free parking for cars

200 meters from Bus Parking lot.
Motorcycle parking – 8,00 €..

A lively place!

Warm tons, sophisticated setting, warm and friendly reception …
Welcome to La Tête Noire Hotel located in the core of Burgundy and in Autun’s town centre, a beautiful Gallo Romain city, 25km away from the vineyards, 45km west of Beaune.
For a business stay or a pleasant private stay, Catherine and Patrick Maugé offer you 31 cosy and soundproof rooms with sunny colours, decorated with lovely wooden painted furniture.
From some of them you can see the Saint-Lazare cathedral and from other the wooded hills of the sweet Morvan countryside. Overlooking the city, the Saint Lazare Cathedral is one of the most beautiful testimony of Roman’s art.
For the nature’s lovers Autun is located at the entrance of the Regional Natural Park of Morvan, a perfect location for hiking.
The best location to stay if you want to visit all type of different places in Burgundy.
Ideal for a family or a group stay. Charming stop on Vézelay’s road to Cluny, from Beaune to Paray-le-Monial…

31 rooms

Two with reduced mobility access

Room with a shower or a bathtub/ WC

Price per night:
For 1 person– 79 €
For 2 persons (double bed) – 89 €
For 2 persons (2 beds) – 99 €
For 3 persons – 106 € 

Half board stay per day:
For 1 person– 102 €
For 2 persons – 79 €
For 3 persons – 65 €

TV Canal/TNT

4 pers. max.

Free wifi

Breakfast 11,5€

Animal +8 €


Double Room– 2 twin bed

Air-conditioned room with a bathtub or a shower / WC

Price per night:
For 2 persons – 99 €

 Half board stay per day:
For 1 person – 79 €

TV Canal/TNT

Free wifi

Breakfast 11,5€

Animal +8 €


Aire-Conditioned room

Air-conditioned room with a shower / WC
Price per night:
For 1 person – 90 €
For 2 persons (double bed) – 106 €
For 3 persons (2 beds) – 116 € 

Half-board stay per day:
1 person – 118 €
2 persons – 88 €

TV Canal/TNT

4 pers. max.

Free wifi

Breakfast 11,5€

Animal +8 €


Spoken languages – French, English, German

Additional Information

For your children accommodations

The Tête Noire Hotel can welcome 2 children under the age of 12 in the parental bedroom for free (depending on the availability).
We can lend a baby bed if ask for.
Half-board for children under 12 in the parental room – 22 € (with the children’s menu).


We would like to inform our customers that we accept most credit and payment cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Visa Electron. You can also pay in cash or by cheque (with a mandatory presentation of ID). We also accept Holidays cheque.

Additional costs

  • Visitor’s tax – 0.65 €
  • Breakfast: buffet or continental – 11.50 €
  • Additional animal fee – 8.00 €
  • Motorcycle parking – 8.00 €
  • Buisiness stay (reserved for professional customers) – conslut us..

Restaurant of La Tête Noire

A culinary trip

Between the prestigious vineyards of the Côte de Beaune and the mountainous massif of Morvan, you can find here a delightful address who puts on its menu the charming savours of Burgundy.
For your lunch or dinner, family or group diner, seminary or reception, you’ll find a fine and traditional cuisine and local specialties (meat or fish).
To be enjoy in the lovely and elegant setting of the climatized restaurant which offers two beautiful flexible dining rooms which can welcome up to 120 guests. History, culture and nature enthusiast will then be able to discover Autun and the refreshing landscape of the Regional Natural Park of Morvan.

MENU « LOGIS » A 32.00 €
29.00 € (sans fromages ou sans dessert)

Pike soufflé with ail des ours(sweet garlic flavor) sauce, Hechtauflauf mit ail des ours SüberKnoblauchGesmack Sosse
(1,9) Poached eggs in Meurette( Red wine sauce and garlic croutons),
Verlorene Eier in Rotwein Sosse
(2,3) Six snails from burgundy cooked with garlic parsley butter, Sechs Burgunder Schnecken ( gekocht mit Butter,Knoblauch und Petersilie)


(2,9) Calf médaillons with Porto sauce, KalbMedaillon mit Porto Sosse
(1,9) Chicken with red wine sauce , in rotwein geschmorter coq au vin
(2,6,9) Fillet of gilt-head bream with Chardonnay wine sauce, Filet vom Seebrassen mit Chardonnay wein Sosse


Cheeses, Käse


Choice of dessert, Auswahl an Nachtisch

MENU du TERROIR 39,00 €
(36.00 € sans fromages ou sans dessert)
Home made Smoked salmon, Gerauchter Lachs macht Haus
(+2,00 €) (1,9) Duck foie gras, pineapple chutney, Entenleberpastete mit Ananas “Chutney“
(1,4,9) Poached eggs in Meurette( Red wine sauce and garlic croutons), Verlorene Eier in Rotwein Sosse
Starter of the day, Vorspeise des Tages
(2,9) Charolais beef ribsteak with Bearnaise sauce, Rippenstück vom Charolais mit Béarnaise Soe
Charolaisfillet beef (180 g) (9) with veal sauce
Filetbeeefsteak vom Charolais-Rind mit Kalf sosse
(6) Filet of bass with lemon preserve confit and coriander, Barschfilet mit Zitronenscheiben-Confit und Koriander
(2,9) Sweetbread with Cognac sauce, Brie mit Cognac Soe
Cheeses, Käse
Choice of dessert, Auswahl an Nachtisch

Supplément: 7 € pour tout menu partagé

A 23.50 € (entrée, plat, fromage et dessert)
starter, maincourse, cheese and, dessert,
zweispeisen, käseplatteund dessert
A 20.00 € (entrée, plat, fromage ou dessert)
starter, maincourse, dessert or cheese
Zwei Speisen, Käseplatte oder Nachtisch

(1)Raw vegetables Tartare-style(tomato, zucchini, cucumber, bread, ))basil), with balasamic vinaigrette, Gemüsetartar (Tomate, Zucchini, Gurke, Basilikum, Brot) Balsamico-Vinaigrette
Vegetable soup, Gemüsesuppe
(2,6) salmon and skate in corriander jelly stingray terrine with curry and tarragon fresh cheese sauce, LachsundRochenterrine, Koriandergelee, Curryund Estragon-Weißkäsesauce
Melon,cherry tomatoes, raw ham, parmesan cheese salad, with basil honey vinaigrette, Melonen, Kirschtomaten, , Rohschinken und Parmesan salat, mit Basilikumhonig-Vinaigrette
Starter of the day, Vorspeise des Tages
(2, 9) Charolais Grilled steak, with red wine and shallots butter, Charolais-Steak mit Rotwein und Schalottenbutter
(2,6,7) Marktet fish just sealed, then steamed with lemon, olives and olives oil sauce, anbraten, dann dämpfen Fischfilet des Zeitpunkts, mit Olivenöl, Oliven und Zitrone SoßeOu Hamburger de bœuf charolais, au parmesan, pommes frites et salade,(1,2,4)Charolais Beef Burger with Parmesan, French Fries and Salad, Charolais Rindshamburger mit Parmesan, Pommes Frites und Salat
(2)Chicken with turmeric,onions und ginger, Geflügel mit Kurkuma, Zwiebeln und Ingwer
(1,2,6) Skate with capers and lemon , Gebratener Rochenflügel mit Kapern und Zitrone
Dish of the day, Tagesgericht

(N’est pas servi  au déjeuner à Pâques et à la Fête des Mères)
Supplément : 6 € pour tout menu partagé
Prix nets

Menu gourmand à 49.00 €
45.00 € sans sorbet,
without sorbet, ohne Birnesorbett

Home made Smoked salmon, Gerauchter Lachs macht Haus
(1,9) Duck foie gras, pineapple chutney, Entenleberpastete mit Ananas “Chutney“
(6) Filet of bass with lemon preserve confit and coriander, Barschfilet mit Zitronenscheiben-Confit und Koriander
(2.9) Sweetbread with Cognac sauce, Brie mit Cognac Soe
(7 traces,9) Blackcurrant sorbet with Marc de Bourgogne, Schwarze Johannisbeersorbet mit Marc de Bourgogne
(9) Fillet of Charolais beef served with veal meat juice,
Charolais Filetbeeefsteak mit Kalbsfleisch Sosse
(2,9) Free-range chicken with cream and morel mushrooms,
Freilandhuhn mit,Sahne, Morcheln
Cheeses, Käse
Choice of dessert, Auswahl an Nachtisch
Supplément : 8 € pour tout menu partagé

Menu enfant à 13.50 €
(Jusqu’à 12 ans)
Avec sa surprise à la fin du repas

Salade de tomates œuf dur
Ou Rosette
Ou Potages de légumes
Ou 6 escargots


Blanc de poulet à la crème pommes sautées
Ou Steak haché ou riz
Ou petit steak charolais poêlé ou pâtes
Ou filet de poisson meunière ou légumes
Ou omelette ou frites


Fromage blanc à la crème
Ou île flottante
Ou salade de fruits
Ou glace
(Chocolat, café, Vanille, cannelle, noisette, caramel, passion, fraise Citron, cassis, framboise, mirabelle, passion, ananas)

Prix nets
Supplément : 5 € pour tout menu partagé

(1,2,4) Appel pudding with vanilla cream, Apfel Pudding mit Vanillesosse 8.00 €
(1,2,4) Meringue poached and served in light custard cream,
Schwimmende Insel (Eischnee gezuckert auf Vanillesosse 7.50 €

(1,2,7 trace) Warm apple tart, with cinnamon ice, Feiner Apfelkuchen mit Zimt-Krameleis 8.00 €
Glace et sorbets : (2,4,7 Chocolat, noisette), (2,4 café, Vanille, cannelle, caramel), (2,4,9 rhum raisin), (9 mirabelle), passion, fraise, citron, cassis, framboise, poire, passion, ananas), Ice cream choice, Wahl des Eises 7.00 €
  Fresh fruit salad with mint, Frischer Fructsalat mit Minze7.50 €
(2,4) Vanille-Schwarze Johannisbeere Vacherin Vacherin vanilla, blackcurrent 8.00 €
Almond Tart with clementines, Mandeltarte mit Clementinen (1,2,4,7) 8.00 €
(1,2,4,7) Chocolat Marquise with vanilla cream, Schokoladendessertmit Vanille 8.00 €
(1,2,4) Caramelised Pear batter-pudding, Karamellisierte Birne- clafoutis 8.50 € MENU LOGIS, TERROIR, GOURMAND (Autre menu : suppl. 2.50 €)
(2,4,9) Iced soufflé with Marc, Gefrorener Auflauf mit Marc de Bourgogne 9.50 €
(2,4) Baked Alaska, gebackenes Überraschungsomlette 9.50 € MENU GOURMAND (AUTRE MENU : SUPPLEMENT 5.00 €)
(1,2,4,7) Assiette Gourmande 12.00 € MENU GOURMAND
(1,2,4,7) Café gourmand (autre menu : supplément 3.00 €) 8.00 €
(1,2,4,7) Thé gourmand (autre menu : supplément 4.00 €)

Beef fillets, rib steaks, steaks and tartar are all from French Charolaise origin.
ALL OF OUR other BOVINE’S MEAT ARE from European origins
Numerations of Allergens
(Numerations of allergen present in front of each plat)

1 Cereal containing gluten

2 Milk and dairy product

3 Mollusc, mollusc-based product

4 Eggs and egg type product

5 Sea Food

6 Fish

7 Nuts (cashew, almond, walnut)

8 Mustard

9 Sulphur dioxide and sulphites in more than 10 mg/kg or 10mg/l in terms total SO2 for the product ready to be consume

10 lupins

11 sesame seeds

12 celery

13 peanuts and peanuts containing product

14 soy



To Discover the Region

Autun and Autunois tourist’s office
+33 (0)3 85 86 80 38
13 rue Général Demetz
71400 AUTUN

5 avenue Garibaldi – BP 20623 – 21006 Dijon Cedex
+ 33 (0)3 80 28 02 80

Natural park of Morvan
Unlike National Park who’s only goal is to protect natural habitat, a Regional natural park has for mission to help men and women who lives in it to live in better harmony with the Environment.

To Discover Autun

Arroux’s Gates – this gates dates back to the beginning of the first century A.C, it has an opening north at the extremity of the cardo maximus (going from North to South). It presents two imposing arch which let vehicles go through and two smaller ones for pedestrian.
Romain Theatre– Build around 70 A.C located east of the antique city; it was meant for dramatic representation. With its 148m diameter, it owned its place as the biggest theatre of the roman world, being able to welcome up to 20 000 spectators
The antique Rampart – When Augustodunum was founded during the 1st century B.C, the city had an honorific rampart of 6km with 4 doors, two of which are still visible today.
Janus’s Temple – The Temple of Janus is the only high standing vestige of this cultural area located outside of the city. It’s a fanum (Temple of Gallic origin)
Couhard Stone – Located at the top of a Gallo-Romain necropolis, the Stone of Couhard build in the 1st century A.C, is a funeral monument.
The Saint-Lazare Cathedral – With his dominating stone arrow from the 15th century, it stays one of the main masterpieces of the Clunisien art, build between 1120 and 1130. The Tympanum of “The Judgement Day”, its biblical scenes on its capital, the famous “Eve” who was sculpted by Gislebertus.

Museum visits

Rolin Museum – The museum is located in the birth house (15th century) of Nicolas Rolin (Chancellor and Duck of Burgundy, the founder of Beaune’s Hospices) is home to a diverse and rich collection of artefacts.
Natural history museum of Jacques de la Comble – The museum host in its stock more than 800.000 samples
Children of Troops Museum – Located in the Military academy of Autun, its dedicated to honouring the memory of military schools and academies. The collections are made of former Children’s Troops donation, the collection is manly constituted of archives, old photographs and uniforms.
Lapidaire Museum – Before the 21th century, the Saint-Nicolas and Saint-Elie’s Hospital had a chapel. It was disused in 1668. The chapelled became a Museum in 1861.
Celtic Civilisation Museum “Bibracte” – The museum offers an archaeological approach to the Celtic civilisation. Audio support, scale models, reconstitution of domestic habitation and of craftsman workshop, along with different object to discover thanks to the audio guide (available in F,GB,D,NL).
Mont Beuvray – Saint-Léger-sous-Beuvray.
House of Galvachers – Illustration, testimonies and reconstitution of the life of the wandering Galvachers (cowherd of the 19th century) who were well known for their skills and their dexterity to lead cattle special ox. Anost
House of Oral Tradition – Anost

For information contact us

Locate us

SARL Hôtel Restaurant La Tête Noire
3, rue de l’Arquebuse
71400 AUTUN – Bourgogne
Tél.: 03 85 86 59 99
Fax : 03 85 86 33 90
SIRET 34938787800011
Code NAF ou APE 5510Z

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