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To Discover the Region

Autun and Autunois tourist’s office
+33 (0)3 85 86 80 38
13 rue Général Demetz
71400 AUTUN

5 avenue Garibaldi – BP 20623 – 21006 Dijon Cedex –
+ 33 (0)3 80 28 02 80

Natural park of Morvan
Unlike National Park who’s only goal is to protect natural habitat, a Regional natural park has for mission to help men and women who lives in it to live in better harmony with the Environment.

To Discover Autun

Arroux’s Gates – this gates dates back to the beginning of the first century A.C, it has an opening north at the extremity of the cardo maximus (going from North to South). It presents two imposing arch which let vehicles go through and two smaller ones for pedestrian.
Romain Theatre- Build around 70 A.C located east of the antique city; it was meant for dramatic representation. With its 148m diameter, it owned its place as the biggest theatre of the roman world, being able to welcome up to 20 000 spectators
The antique Rampart – When Augustodunum was founded during the 1st century B.C, the city had an honorific rampart of 6km with 4 doors, two of which are still visible today.
Janus’s Temple – The Temple of Janus is the only high standing vestige of this cultural area located outside of the city. It’s a fanum (Temple of Gallic origin)
Couhard Stone – Located at the top of a Gallo-Romain necropolis, the Stone of Couhard build in the 1st century A.C, is a funeral monument.
The Saint-Lazare Cathedral – With his dominating stone arrow from the 15th century, it stays one of the main masterpieces of the Clunisien art, build between 1120 and 1130. The Tympanum of “The Judgement Day”, its biblical scenes on its capital, the famous “Eve” who was sculpted by Gislebertus.

Museum visits

Rolin Museum – The museum is located in the birth house (15th century) of Nicolas Rolin (Chancellor and Duck of Burgundy, the founder of Beaune’s Hospices) is home to a diverse and rich collection of artefacts.
Natural history museum of Jacques de la Comble – The museum host in its stock more than 800.000 samples
Children of Troops Museum – Located in the Military academy of Autun, its dedicated to honouring the memory of military schools and academies. The collections are made of former Children’s Troops donation, the collection is manly constituted of archives, old photographs and uniforms.
Lapidaire Museum – Before the 21th century, the Saint-Nicolas and Saint-Elie’s Hospital had a chapel. It was disused in 1668. The chapelled became a Museum in 1861.
Celtic Civilisation Museum “Bibracte” – The museum offers an archaeological approach to the Celtic civilisation. Audio support, scale models, reconstitution of domestic habitation and of craftsman workshop, along with different object to discover thanks to the audio guide (available in F,GB,D,NL).
Mont Beuvray – Saint-Léger-sous-Beuvray.
House of Galvachers – Illustration, testimonies and reconstitution of the life of the wandering Galvachers (cowherd of the 19th century) who were well known for their skills and their dexterity to lead cattle special ox. Anost
House of Oral Tradition – Anost